Creat the first platform for the brand in the beauty industry

Create a five-star brand category incubation service platform for the beauty industry

Business model

Cosmetics OEM / ODM business
Independent brand processing OEM

Cosmetics brand processing OEM

Provide cosmetics R & D and manufacturing services for registered brands and customers who have completed planning and design.

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Makeup Brand Processing ODM

ODM of own brand processing

Provide product development and manufacturing services to customers who have registered brands and have completed planning and design.

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Cosmetics OEM Mask Generation Processing Customization

Custom-made cosmetics

Just provide us with a model and you will have an international brand-name product

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Cosmetic brand semi-finished product processing

Processing of semi-finished products

Provide cosmetics R & D and semi-finished product processing services to customers with filling and packaging resources

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Latest product

New cosmetic mask

Corporate strength

Zunyi cosmetics strength

Is currently a large cosmetics OEM / ODM processing plant in Guangzhou

60,000 square meters of garden-style factory;

3 GMPC workshops;

1 1000 square meter cosmetic OEM, cosmetic micro-business processing laboratory;

1 1000 square meter laboratory dedicated to perfume;

advanced equipment

Currently has the industry's most advanced automatic facial mask skin care product processing and filling production equipment;

More than 200 sets of various R & D inspection equipment;

Advanced technology

Outstanding engineers lead R & D, R & D team consisting of doctoral supervisors and professor-level senior engineers

Established Suzhou Institute of Quality Inspection Science and Technology

Strong production capacity

Mask generation and processing workshop: 1.5 million masks per day

Skin care workshop: 200,000 bottles of Nissan cream lotion

Perfume production workshop: 80,000 bottles of perfume per day

Nail Polish Workshop: 60,000 bottles of Nail Polish per day


Core team

Soul figure
Chen Laicheng, an outstanding scientific research leader in the cosmetic processing industry

Chen Laicheng

化妆品行业出色的科研带头人 " Outstanding Scientific Research Leader in the Cosmetics Industry "

Executive Director of Guangdong Cosmetics Science and Technology Research Association
Visiting Professor, School of Cosmetics and Art Design, Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College
General Manager and Chief Engineer, Guangzhou Zunyi Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Director of Cosmetic Technology Institute, Suzhou Academy of Quality Inspection
Head of Cosmetics Research Base, Department of Applied Chemistry, South China University of Technology
Patent holder or inventor of multiple cosmetic formulation applications

Successful cases

success case
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About Zunyi
Guangzhou Zunyi takes “to build a five-star brand category incubation service platform for the beauty industry” as its mission
Guangzhou Zunyi Cosmetics OEM
    Guangzhou Zunyi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a beauty cosmetics OEM / ODM processing industrial company that integrates technology, fashion and art. It provides services such as cosmetic processing, cosmetic micro processing, cosmetic OEM, and facial mask processing. "Building a five-star brand category incubation service platform in the national makeup industry" has been appointed and is guided by big data analysis of the industry's cosmetics market. Guangzhou Zunyi Cosmetics R & D team has been focusing on the research and development of green skin care products for 20 years. It has obtained many patented inventions, has more than 8,000 mature formulas (including perfumes and nail polishes), and has successfully produced professional products for more than 700 brands. A large-scale experimental center of more than 1,000 square meters can customize tailor-made formulas for brands and achieve the beauty cosmetics OEM / ODM business.

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  • 陈来成先生组建强大的化妆品研发团队。 In 2009 , Mr. Chen Laicheng formed a strong cosmetics research and development team.
  • 该团队在产品开发和检测技术领域申报多项专利。 In 2013 , the team applied for multiple patents in the areas of product development and testing technology.
  • 研发团队携手华南理工大学成立个人护理化妆品科研机构。 In 2014 , the research and development team joined hands with South China University of Technology to establish a personal care cosmetics research institute.
  • 3月起携手苏州质量检测科学研究院,成立苏州质量检测科学研究院化妆品技术研究所。 In March 2015 , we cooperated with Suzhou Institute of Quality Inspection Science to establish the Institute of Cosmetic Technology of Suzhou Institute of Quality Inspection Science.
  • 3月9日陈来成总工程师荣获由全国工商联、广东美容美发协会和《美妆制造》传媒主办的首届化妆品3.9工程师“杰出工程师奖”。 On March 9, 2017 , Chief Engineer Chen Laicheng won the "Outstanding Engineer Award" for the first cosmetics 3.9 engineer sponsored by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Guangdong Beauty Salon Association and "Makeup Manufacturing" media.
  • 4月广州尊伊化妆品有限公司正式成立 In April 2017 , Guangzhou Zunyi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was formally established
  • 8月尊伊公司携手华南理工大学、南方医科大学、广东药科大学和苏州质量检测科学研究院参与化妆品行业团体标准制定,成为全国高校产学研合作的标杆性企业。 In August 2017 , Zunyi Company joined hands with South China University of Technology, Southern Medical University, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, and Suzhou Institute of Quality Inspection and Science to participate in the formulation of group standards for the cosmetics industry, and has become a benchmarking enterprise for industry-university-research cooperation in universities in China.


Corporate News
Guangzhou Zunyi Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
1. Company profile: 1.1 Guangzhou Zunyi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a professional cosmetic OEM / ODM processing industrial company, which covers masks, skin care, baby care products, perfumes, washing, phototherapy nail polish and other categories. 1.2 Corporate Objectives: To build the first platform for five-star brand category incubation in the global cosmetics industry 1.3 Corporate regulations ...
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